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Saturday, 3 July 2010

The View from the Hill on Saturday 3rd July

A lunchtime blog following our drive home from Peterborough - we stayed overnight in a Premier Inn (no sign of Lenny Henry) and to use Mrs B's own words - the room was adequate.

We came back via the scenic route of the A15 and A17 rather than A1 and A52. We hadn't driven that route for some time and although it is a bit of a trek the Lincolnshire countryside can be quite charming in a sort of flat and run down sort of way.

We had declined breakfast at the Premier Inn as it would have been an extra £15 and Mrs B didn't think she could eat £7.50's worth of croissant. So we stopped at Christy's Farm Shop cafe in Hockerton where Mrs devoured more than £7.50's worth of sausage cob whilst I was a good boy and ate the vegetarian breakfast. Scrambled eggs, baked beans, grilled tomato, mushrooms,sauté potato and fried bread with toast on the side. Now before you get all upset about the fried bread and the toast - I didn't eat both. Mrs B had the fried bread in her sausage cob. The star turn of the breakfast was my view of the windmill - a beautiful white modern structure sticking out of the Nottinghamshire farmland - very space age.

So we arrived back in Mansfield, and we have just returned from Tesco - and you know how I love going to Tesco!

I think I might watch a bit of the football to see which of England's sworn enemies can overcome the over - the best result would be that the referee sends them all off and nobody progresses to the next round.

I managed to be quite un-grumpy at the party by the way - there again I did have competition!

OK, now Mrs B wants to go shopping again so this star trek from Peterborough is not yet complete...4 - the voyage home will continue.


Humans make illogical decisions.

Star Trek IV - The Voyage Home

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