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Thursday, 9 February 2012


Hello my little gang of icicles - how are you hanging?

First things first - I don't care about Fabio Cappella or the England football team and I think the domination of this story in our national media shows you why we are country in a mess.

There are more important things than football - like reading this blog.

On the subject of reading - I have given up on the Bible, it was too much like hard work and slogging through Exodus knowing that Leviticus was waiting seemed like a big waste of my time.

I'll just have to make do with the limited knowledge I have and take it from there.

I am reading A Game of Thrones by George RR Martin; it's being read to me of course as I only do audio books and I miss my dear friend Scott Brick as this title is being read by veteran British actor Roy Dotrice.

He's OK but he keeps changing the voices of the characters and that irritates me somewhat!

Roy Dotrice played Father Barrett in one of my all time favourite tv shows, Picket Fences and its writer, David E Kelley, is now giving us Harry's Law with Kathy Bates. It's quite formulaic and there are echoes of previous shows and characters dotted throughout the show, but it's good stuff and I recommend it.

Now why did I decide to communicate with you all today? Oh yes, the terrible over the top reporting of the football story gave me a headache so I decided to share the pain and if news about football isn't bad enough the rest of the news is about the snow that might (MIGHT) fall and will (WILL) bring the country to its knees again.

These last few days I have had some spare time so rather than get depressed by the news I have been watching some films and I decided that in place of reading the bible perhaps I should start offering my own reviews of these movies so that you don't waste your time watching rubbish.

For example, the other day I watched Reign of Fire with Christian Bale and Matthew McConaughey. The film is about dragons taking over the world, released from a long slumber under the streets of London, they emerge and scorch the planet so they can sniff up the ash. Bale leads a group of plucky survivors and McConaughey leads a group of ex military dragon slayers.

Now there is a SPOILER coming - so be warned!

Towards the end of the film McConaughey is killed by the daddy of all dragons and the real spoiler is that it didn't happen much earlier in the film as his performance is stinky - in fact when the dragon burned him up I swore I could smell bacon frying!

So my first recommendation - don't watch Reign of Fire.

Yesterday I went to see The Grey at the local picture house - £7.95 for a seat and £2.50 for a bottle of drink...robbery.

The film stars Liam Neeson and someone else and the film is about a plane crash. Neeson leads the group of plucky survivors as they battle the elements, some really nasty wolves and a bloody awful script.

Now there is a second SPOILER coming - so be warned, again!

By the end of the film you are praying for the wolves to win.

So, my second recommendation is don't expect much from The Grey.

There is a really bad Nicolas Cage film on Sky later - and at this point you can fill in your own title because in recent years Nicolas Cage has concentrated on making really bad films. I suppose after ConAir, it was always going to be downhill.

Third recommendation - find an old classic movie channel and watch something with Bogart or Spencer Tracy and if all else fails you could apply for the England managers job.


  1. Bit of a Nicholas Cage fan, Lord Of War is great

  2. I'll see your Lord of War and raise you one Season of the Witch...