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Friday, 29 April 2011

Royal Wedding

I am sticking my head out from the protective cocoon of my self imposed isolation just to wish all of you a nice day as you sit in front of your television sets to watch William and Catherine say 'I do'.

I'm sure the happy coupe will be just that and I hope the press will back off and let them lead a private life until the day comes when they have to step up and rule over us as King and Queen.

The trouble is you won't let that happen - you want to know everything about their lives because their lives are so much more fulfilling than your own - stuck in your dusty little routines, battling through the crowds in Tesco or Primark, arguing with the neighbours or the rest of your family about things that will never change - it's all pointless and dull and mind numbingly awful. That's why you need your fix of Catherine Wales as she battles NOT to be stuck on the Diana Memorial Pedestal!

I'm not sure what is worse, the mob mentality of all those daft enough to spend money they don't have on things they don't need, commemorative plates, cups, dolls and the like - or even worse to pay to travel to London to sleep on the street so you can watch the carriage ride by, the horses depositing a huge pile of shit just where you are, an indelible memory of a beautiful day.

Is that mob mentality worse that my M.O.B mentality?

I do really wish them well but the feeding frenzy in the media and the wall to wall coverage on TV is too much and it will be like drinking 5 bottles of champagne - all the fizz and the alcohol will help us see the world as a bright bubbly place to live - then we get up in the morning with the headache of reality.

I'll go now and leave you to your festivities - as for me, I'm going to work.


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