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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

The View from the Hill on Wednesday 30th June

I am a Shetland Pony this morning, as is Mrs B. We didn't make Glastonbury but last night at the Trent fm Arena we passed a loud evening in the company of some old friends.

From our excellent seats we had a great view of Les McKeown (55) and his Bay City Rollers followed by Leo Sayer (62) then David Essex (63) and finally The Osmonds (218). It started at 19.30hrs and we left at around 1977.

We only booked the tickets last week, Mrs B stumbled upon the details one evening and we decided that we should relive our childhood musical memories - and we had a good sing and a little boogie and there were lots of arm waving too. Not bad for a room full of middle aged people.

I expected McKeown to be well past his sell by date but he was great, a little on the beefier side than in his youth but he sang all of the songs you expect from the Bay City Rollers and he got quite an ovation. Then this little turd of a man with curly hair came on - Leo Sayer. He shouted "Are you having fun?" and I shouted back "We were until you came on!" He didn't take the hint and stayed on for about thirty minutes before making way for the interval which was much more enjoyable.

Then Mrs B started to get really excited - as a long time fan of David Essex, she could sense his presence - and sure enough he strolled out on stage just as cool and handsome as ever (bastard).

He sang a few of his hits and then he started singing a couple of songs from the musical he is in - All The Fun of the Fair. It's at The Garrick Theatre in London and it must be closing soon and not doing too well as he said that if you ring the box office and say you are a friend of David, you get a free ticket for each one you buy!

The same is true if you ring the theatre where The Wizard of Oz is showing - say your a friend of Dorothy and you get a free night with Graham Norton.

Finally, The Osmonds - well most of them. Wayne, Merrill, Jay and Jimmy...still the best close harmony singing you can hear. Still as sickly sweet as being drowned in honey...which reminds me, what the hell has happened to Sugar Puffs!

Mrs B and I had a great night, she shang-a-langed all the way home and then we had a cup of tea and went to bed...yes, we are middle aged.

All aboard....7....never thought my heart could be so yearny


Gonna make a Sentimental Journey,
to renew old memories.

Brown, Homer and Green

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