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Friday, 4 June 2010

The View from the Hill on Friday 4th June

The coverage of major news events should be factual or as factual as possible - not gossip or supposition, in my opinion.

There is a slight tendency for the news providers to get caught up with the gossip in relation to the Cumbria  murders where it is clear that it is too early to speculate about motives or the randomness of the killings.

It does seem sensible to suppose that Bird could not have known where all those people were going to be at that time, therefore it is obvious that many were just unlucky to be his targets but this will all come out during the inquests.

The news coverage of the BP oil spillage has actually hit home this morning having seen the footage of all the pelicans covered in oil. I don't like pelicans, they scare me, but seeing them covered in oil and knowing that a very painful death awaits them really does make seeing the top brass of BP smiling as they try and protect their share price by reassuring the Americans that it is all under control, well that is just irksome to say the least.

President Obama must be thinking - why me? To be elected with such potential and to be faced with an event like this which seems to be beyond his control and yet he will ultimately have to clear it up ( not actually physically clear it up, that would not look good) - yes, he must think fighting in Afghanistan is easy. The American public don't really care about anything outside the country so when it hits home, like this will hit home, they expect answers and they expect action.

Finally, sad to see the penultimate Golden Girl has died, Rue McClanahan or Blanche Devereaux as most of the UK will remember her. She was flirtatious and had some wonderful sayings like "I'm as nervous as a virgin at a prison rodeo".

Must get the box set out.


Blanche: Oh honey it's fine to cancel your friends for a man, thats the law of the jungle
Sophia: So says Sheena, queen of the slut people

The Golden Girls

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