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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The View from the Hill on Tuesday 20th April

This Icelandic Ash Saga is getting a little boring now and I must admit to a creeping irritation as I hear people talking about it being an 'act of god' - that's insurance shorthand for 'we don't pay up'.

You know how you use a word sometimes and it triggers a series of memory explosions, like a chain reaction of flashing images in your head? No - just me then.

It was the word "saga" - first I saw all of these old age pensioners slogging up the gang plank of a Viking ship and then being beaten unmercifully as they are forced to row from Iceland to Southampton on the maiden voyage of the SS Blood-axe. Then a black sailed ship appears on the horizon and it is none other than Nogbad The Bad, but a big green bird is flying overhead and he sees how the wicked viking is planning to raid the Blood-axe and steal all the matching luggage from the pensioners, so the big green bid who is called Graculus, goes and searches out the hero of our story - Noggin The Nog!

I was going to write about acts of god and scum bag insurers and here we are reliving childhood memories - never mind.

Noggin the Nog, The Herbs, The Clangers - they should force all children to watch non stop episodes of Oliver Postgate programmes and banish Hannah Montana to the vaults, never to be seen or heard again.

I just remembered Pogles Wood with Pippin and Tog! (Calm down Drew - remember your blood pressure!)

Let me find a suitable clip to cheer your day:


I'm a very friendly Lion called Parsley

Oliver Postgate

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