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Saturday, 5 December 2009

The View from the Hill on Saturday 5th December

Only twenty days until christmas, but I had my present yesterday, a bill for £168.00 and a pair of glasses which I need to wear when driving at night - Mrs B was right.

So, already feeling a little miffed I then headed off to the Christmas lunch with the Vicars, a mixed bag of protestants, Methodists and Reformists - but all united by one thing of course...their dislike of me. Of the thirteen present only two spoke to me and that was under sufferance I'm sure. So much for Christian fellowship.

It was a nice meal, baked camembert followed by turkey and trimmings - I didn't stay for the pudding.

So the day was already a loss when I heard about Richard Todd, dead at 90. He looked very frail when we saw him at the special screening of The Dam Busters in June, frail but very proud and determined to walk rather than be wheeled. He was a very British man and I shall  remember him not just for The Dam Busters but from his Disney films including Rob Roy then of course The Longest Day and The Hasty Heart in which he worked with Ronald Reagan and gave a brilliant performance as Lachlan McLachlan.

Now on a lighter note, we will be having Florida chicken casserole for tea tonight and entertaining the BBL Crew minus Ramsey and Lottie as they and Jake would fall out. There will be fun and laughter in this house tonight, and we will be rude to everyone we know behind their backs - you know a traditional  British get together.

Better find time to go and get Mrs B a present for christmas, obviously I can't let on here what it is but let me just say this - it will be very expensive. Probably more than £20.00 - in fact I might run to £30 this year as she has been particularly good and she does work for a parcel of twats so she needs cheering up.


It is International Day of the Ninja - you couldn't make it up!

My Uncle Fred was a Ninja, he used to spend hours in dark clothing creeping around the back streets of Wisbech spying through cracks in the fence on unsuspecting ladies. Yes, Uncle Fred was a Ninja - well that was his defence in court.

Uncle Fred was a sorry looking thing, he had red hair, he was always complaining, he was a sufferer of Prader Willi Syndrome so was stuffing his face all the time, and he was obsequious and of course he trespassed a lot - he was:

The Ginger Whinger Binger Cringer Impinger Ninja - from Wisbech!

And that's a fact

PS any more rhymes for Ninja can be sent on a postcard to Wikianswers.

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