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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

The View from the Hill on Wednesday 11th November

Could it be that I got it wrong about Gordon Brown? There seems to be so much sympathy swinging behind our cyclops PM that I am starting to second guess myself. He's shy and finds personal interactions difficult...this is one of the explanations offered in his defence. Shy and finds personal interactions difficult!! Get the fuck out of here.

Ok, I will leave it alone now.

The news we seem to like the best is when ordinary people do extraordinary things or when extraordinary things happen to ordinary people, hence the feeding frenzy over the two £45 million lottery winners. They do seem normal and ordinary, overweight people, (could have been me). At least one of them has had the common sense to say when asked "yes,of course it will change me, it would be stupid to say anything else!"

For the first time I wanted to cheer a lottery winner rather than see them choke on their champagne.

£45 million - my life would change beyond recognition, imagine being able to tell Mrs B that she could give up work and go part time at Sainsbury's, imagine being able to tell my parents and in laws that I had secured for them luxury suites in a high security twilight home in Geneva, imagine being able to buy the view that my neighbour has from their garden and then charging him £100 every time he glances over the fence, or having the power to buy Mansfield Town FC and turn it into a football team. Oh the fun I could have and the people I would have killed.

Anyway, it's a pipe dream so perhaps I might buy a ticket this week.


On this day in 1918, the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, the Great War ended with the signing of the peace treaty in France. The last soldier to die was a Canadian named George Lawrence Price - he was 26.

At 11am this morning I will stand in silence for two minutes and think positive thoughts about our troops in Afghanistan

And that's a fact!

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