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Tuesday, 3 November 2009

The View from the Hill on Tuesday 3rd November

Graham Norton isn't as funny on BBC 1 as he was on BBC 2. Just a random thought there but I had to get it off my chest take make room for the ever increasing levels of phlegm! Sorry, but I was raised to tell the truth.

I was reminded yesterday how easy some people find telling porkies, in fact I was made aware that a funeral I had conducted was a farce, the lady instructing me and who wept so easily over her dead friend, was actually misrepresenting herself, her relationship to the deceased and the story of his life.

All I can ever do is take people at face value, but how people can bring themselves to lie like this is beyond me? Don't get me wrong, I tell the odd lie, as we all do, to smooth our way through life, but to construct such an elaborate web of deceit just to get your greedy mitts on money, well that seems a little heartless.

The worst thing is that you can't go back, you can't unsay the things I was asked to say, you can't have the funeral again...I have offered those affected the chance for a memorial ceremony and I await their response, but it shakes you a little and I don't want to sit in the front rooms of grieving families and have the thought in my mind, "how much of this is true?"


On this day in 1926, the sharp shooter Annie Oakley died at the age of 66. So affected by her death was her husband Frank Butler, that he starved himself to death, succumbing 17 days later. That part wasn't in the musical was it?

That musical about her life that you all will know, Annie Get Your Gun, was more famous than the musicals written by a relative of mine. My grandfathers second cousin Roger Sammerstein. Roger was the most famous confused,dyslexic and spoonerism ridden composer of his day, he wrote Annie Get Your Gnu, the story of one women and her wildebeest.

Other songs of his are:

Hello Young Volers, from Anna and The Siamese Cat, the story of a cat who hunts for voles...what else.

There was North Pacific, Singing in the Wind, Clam Eating Jane, one of my favourites, Gee Gee, the story of a singing race horse, the most famous song being 'Thank Heavens for Little Jockeys'.

I also loved his musical about the rather large family going to the fair, 7 Rides for 7 Brothers, there was also the musical about the man who spent his life urinating down chimneys, Piddler on the Roof, and who can ever forget the wonderful story of the nun who rescues a load of children and walks them over the mountains where they all catch cold and die - The Sound of Mucous.

As a family we will always treasure those musical gems, in fact I think I should record an album and release it for christmas... Drew sings Roger Sammerstein and The Sound of Mucous.

It's got hit written all over it (where does this S belong) ...

And that's a fact!

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