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Saturday, 7 November 2009

The View from the Hill on Saturday 7th November

Tried to book some cheap train tickets yesterday, wanting to travel from Newark to London on National Express, and in the past advance tickets were about £40 - now the Government have taken over the running and the cheapest tickets I could get were £235.00 - no wonder this country is in such a bloody mess!

Anyway booked tickets from Nottingham and it was just over £90 for two return tickets, trouble being that the journey takes twice as long, but at least we will have some money left to spend when we get there.

On the work front, conducted a funeral yesterday for a lady who had fled Nazi Germany at the start of the war, lived for a while with the Russians before finding her way to the UK and making a life for herself. She had long hair and she wove money into it and thus managed to smuggle it with her and secure her start and a new life.

At her funeral were members of her family and her neighbours and friends - the chapel was full but I was struck by the diversity of those gathered there to mourn her loss.

There were several African - Caribbean ladies, there was a family who had Indian origins, there were old and young, there were half a dozen Hell's Angels, there were smart and scruffy, able bodied and less able bodied, it really was an eclectic mix of people that this lady had gathered around her in her life and it struck me that she must have been a very open person, not like so many I meet who are closed off to the possibility of being friends with someone who is not like them.

I commented about this to her family afterwards and they agreed saying that the one things she had taught them above all else was to never judge another person, just accept people for who they are.

I like my job.


On this day in 1872, the Mary Celeste set sail from New York heading for Genoa, carrying its cargo of alcohol and a few passengers, it was famously found adrift near the Azores almost one month later. The story of the ghost ship was born. The ship used to be called Amazon before it was changed to Mary Celeste and did you notice where it was found?

AZores AmaZon. A and Z...first and last, well, I leave you to draw your own conclusions from this discovery.

What you might not have known is that the various reasons for the ship being abandoned missed one vital clue. The explanations range from pirates to hallucinations caused by bad flour, tidal waves to poor seamanship, but what about hide and seek?

One of the crewmen was a distant relative of mine, Parker Behab (yes, the Behabs are back).

Parker was a great jester and one for games and I suspect as the ship was carrying alcohol, and that as nine of the barrels were found to be empty when the boat was checked, I suspect that some serious party was held and during that party Behab would have found his urge to play games irresistible. He would have suggested hide and seek and the rest of the crew agreed and even to this day are still hiding on the bottom of the Atlantic. They should be in the Guinness book of records for the longest ever game of Hide and Seek. The Guinness Book of Records is available from Amazon! OMG! It all makes sense now...

And that's a fact!

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