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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

The View from the Hill on Wednesday 14th October

It's the well known rule of three - bad things come in threes, celebrities always die in threes, it's always that way - well now singers die in threes!

Young Mr Gateley is now followed by Al Martino and Ian Wallace, the latter two having slightly bigger voices.

Martino was famous for Here In My Heart and appearing in The Godfather, Ian Wallace was famous in our house when we were growing up because we listened to My Music with Steve Race and Ian Wallace.

His most memorable song - The Hippopotamus by Flanders and Swann but he sang other songs with that deep bass voice of his.

We were bought up in a house were music was always being played, records on the huge radiogram, music on the radio, music quizzes on the telly. Face the Music was another favourite with Joseph Cooper and Robin Ray, occasionally Joyce Grenfell.

I think this exposure to all sorts of music from early doors has led me to having quite eclectic taste, Country and Western, Pop, Classical, Soundtracks, Shows, you name it and my ipod has an example. I suppose easy listening is still my real favourite, perhaps the influence of Jimmy Young, Pete Murray and David Jacobs who were just as famous as Wogan in their day.

Anyway, I suppose Martino's musical legacy is secure, he will still get air time, Gateley too, but I wonder if we shall hear Ian Wallace on the radio anytime soon. Never mind, I know where I will hear my head, and perhaps on my ipod if I can find a track to download.


On this day in 1926, the book Winnie The Pooh was published. Written by A A Milne the book tells the story of a little bear and his friends who live in the 100 Acre Wood.

What you might not know is that this bear was not real, in fact he was based on a relative of mine Edward Baer. Edward Baer was famous in his village for the way he could call his horses home at night by standing on his front door step and neighing at the top of his voice, the horses then came home...he also trained the cows to come home at the same time so he didn't have to stand there too long. This skill earned him the nickname - Ted Whinny.

The only trouble was with all these animals living at a small semi detached council house, there were complaints about the noise and the mess.

AA Milne was lost, and sat looking through his AA Atlas on the side of the road just near Ted Whinny's house when it all kicked off - there was loud neighing, lots of shouting and hooves beating up the streets and then the excited creatures defecated all over the place, disturbed by the neighbours and the neighing. Milne then heard the remonstrating neighbours shout at Baer, it's the shit Whinny, we can't be doing with the shit!

Now this stuck with Milne and he was looking for a title for his new children's book,but his publisher wasn't pleased when Milne suggested Whinny The Shit, so they softened the title with a little Senna and henceforth the world came to love Winnie The Pooh.

And that's a fact!

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