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Thursday, 15 October 2009

The View from the Hill on Thursday 15th October

Rushing today and tomorrow but will try and give this my fullest attention.

Nothing much in the news today, someone slapped Leona Lewis, someones fiddling the figures at the NHS, some MP's are revolting over the repayment of their expenses, blah blah.

I don't understand why someone would want to slap Leona, perhaps he could be directed to the House of Commons to slap the MP's instead, seems an eminently more sensible use of his skill and time.

No news days should be greeted with joy because that means nothing terrible is happening, well not exactly, all over the word there will be little disasters that go unreported, but not important enough to break through the sometimes painful veneer of crap that passes as news.

I love proper news, as a youngster and when on holiday at my aunts, she always allowed me to stop up and watch New at Ten, she thought it important we know about the world and what was happening. I still love proper news and debate and find it very irritating that some people not only do not follow the news but have no opinions on what is happening. Especially young people, those who will inherit this planet, they seem to wander around with blind eyes failing to see that even at their age they could invest themselves with some information that might stand them in good stead in the future.

Locally, I was asked to sit on a scoop and I managed it, as a local BBC stringer or Community Correspondent as they now call them, I was made aware of some political upheaval, but I sat on the story but I did get a letter publicised in the local paper, having a dig at our elected Mayor. It only takes a minute to be informed and involved, I highly recommend it, especially sending letters of abuse to the paper about the Mayor. Oh my goodness, I'm turning into my grandfather!


On this day in 1964 Cole Porter died, the famous composer of such songs as Night and Day. Cole Porter was not always a song writer, when he was at school with my great Uncle Peter, he always spoke of his desire to make ladies handbags and accessories. Uncle Peter advised him that such work might be regarded as a little prissy and Porter winked and simply said, Anything Goes. It's just One of Those things that Got Under My Skin, it will be De-Lovely. He changed his mind when he realised his head was full of song titles.

And that's a fact

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