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Sunday, 11 October 2009

The View from the Hill on Sunday 11th October

It's one of those days today, one of those days when you have a plan about what you might write about but then circumstances make it seem unimportant.

But then you are left with a blank page and you can't let it sit there so in an effort not to seem worthy and overly sentimental, and acknowledging that the death of Stephen Gately at the age of 33 must be a shock, let me talk about X Factor and Strictly.

I had the good fortune to be invited to a glamorous party last evening, all the top people were there from Kate Moss to Daniella Westbrook, whose nose has never looked better by the way. Fashionistas whirled about me in a blaze of laser disco lights, the cheese and pickle sandwiches being eaten with gay abandon and bottle upon bottle of Archers being dispatched with brio and panache.

Anyway, after about 40 minutes I was bored and we managed to sneak out, get home and have tea and then watch Strictly and X Factor via the beauty of Sky+.

There was an air of relief that Bruce managed to get through the whole programme without putting his foot in it and Du Beke also toned down his supercilious smile for one night. He must be gutted to hear the news that his presenting career is to be curtailed, after The Wall he was supposed to relaunch 3-2-1 but the imposition of a Taliban waste receptacle as the booby prize meant he was no longer suitable, Anton Du Beke and Dusty Bin Laden not a good combination!

X Factor - well how disappointing, not one decent performance until the last act, Danyl managed to give a half decent show but I suspect it seemed better than it was due to the others being so crap. Danni Minogue slipped a good shot in about his bi sexuality which Simon didn't like but all in all it was a bit of a let down.

I don't know how many million people watched the show but think of all those man hours wasted, we could have used them to do something useful like have a raffle for Gordon Brown's guide dog.


Today is Old Michelmas, the day after which you should not eat blackberries. You may have heard the story that on this day the devil fell from Heaven to Yorkshire and he landed in a blackberry bush and so angry was he that he pissed on the berries and turned them sour. Now perhaps you didn't know that in an effort to retell this wonderful old fable I have been pissing on the blackberries in Tesco for years.

And that's a fact!


The stuff about the party is an in joke for very few readers but if you ever go to Gedling, you must call in at The Phoenix Pub! But be warned!!

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